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Privacy Protection Declaration

Diamond House Jewelry CO., LTD. is devoted to protecting and respecting your privacy. We hope that you understand how we utilize and protect the personal data you have provided to us. This policy (meaning “Customer Privacy Policy”) explains how our company will utilize and protect all personal data you have provided to us when you use this website, order through our product catalogue or toll-free phone calls, or visited any of our specialty stores. Diamond House Jewelry CO., LTD. values and protects the personal data you leave. Regarding this privacy declaration, we only explain to you the data safety protection measures that we have adapted. Our company’s policy will be modified on an irregular basis, and you may inquire by browsing our company’s website at anytime. We will make announcements on the website or send e-mail to your e-mail box when there are significant policy adjustments to inform you regarding the relevant matters. For any query regarding our company policy, please send an e-mail to contact our customer service department.

Data Collection

Your data is not required when browsing this website. However, when using this website, some of your data will leave a record in the website server, for instance, supplier name for the internet service, websites linked to this website, websites linked from this website as well as IP address. These records are purely documented by our website server for safety measures, and will not be used for other purposes.

Suitable Range

This “Privacy Policy” is suitable for all websites and networks belonging to Diamond House Jewelry CO., LTD.

Collection and Processing of Personal Data

When Diamond House Jewelry CO., LTD. has obtained certain relevant data of yours, we will provide more service to you. Even if you do not provide any data, you may still have access to this website. Our company may collect the following data: account registration data, including your name, telephone number, postal address and e-mail address; bill information, trading and credit card information (if you have purchased our products before); if you contact us, we may keep the relevant communication record; and related data including your personal profession and interests, statistics range, experience of using our products and personal preferences, so as to offer you more relevant information on our products and services.

We will use the data to provide you with more quality services, including:

  • Your personal data will be used for the purposes of our company’s internal record and reference;
  • For reference of customer comments and improve our products and services;
  • After you have purchased our products, we may conveniently contact you regarding the related purchase, trade and other matters, or our relationship with customers through e-mail, telephone or posts.
  • Contact you regarding your account at Diamond House Jewelry CO., LTD.;
  • If you have already purchased a certain product or filled out birthday and address data to our company, you will be included into our Diamond House Jewelry CO,. LTD. mailing list, and will receive mails and promotional notices or coupons sent by us on a regular basis (if you are unwilling to receive product catalogue and/or mails on regular basis, please contact our customer service department, we will remove you from the mailing list immediately);
  • Our company will contact you according to your preferred means, including e-mail, telephone, SMS, MMS or posts, in order for us to share with you the products, services and the relevant information on events from our company that you might be interested in;
If you do not wish for us to collect or keep your personal data, you may contact our customer service department through e-mail at anytime to request for delete or removal of the related data.
If you believe that the data we keep on you is incorrect or incomplete, or wish your detailed data to be removed from our contact person’s database, please inform our customer service department.
Our company, Diamond House Jewelry CO., LTD. will not transmit or disclose your personal data to any third party other than the following targets:
When you browse our company website, Diamond House Jewelry CO., LTD will collect and keep the relevant records produced automatically by the server when you were browsing the website, including the browsers you have used, data you have browsed and selected, browsing period, IP address for the connecting facility, as well as other data which may be used for analysis and for individualized services, our company website will collect these data through Cookie, Web beacon or other techniques. The data will be stored in our managed and controlled data processor or server, and we will not disclose your personal data to third party in any form unless we have obtained your consent beforehand, or when we have to handle these according to the law.


Use of cookies

A Cookie is a small data file written into the user’s computer hardware by the website server through the website browsed by the user, and it is used to confirm the user’s identity and access the relevant account data of the user. When you browse our company website, our company will use cookies to collect the data for the website you have browsed, in order to offer you more convenient and personalized services, and analyze the user’s condition of browsing our company website through these data, so as to use as the reference for our company to provide more quality services. You may also modify your degree of acceptance of cookies through your computer’s browser setting, if you select to reject all cookies, you may not be able to use part of the personalized services, or participate in part of the events.


Our company adapted safety measures to guarantee your personal data will not be damaged, modified, lost or accessed without granted authorization. Any of the data you have provided to Diamond House Jewelry CO., LTD. will be encoded during the transmission process to avoid misuse by third party. Unless we have obtained your permission, or in order to obey any legal obligations, to execute or apply other agreements, or to protect the rights, property or safety of Diamond House Jewelry CO., LTD and our customers or others, we will then have the responsibility to disclose or share your personal data. This includes the data exchanged with other companies and organizations based on relevant data protection law, so as to prevent fraudulence and reduce credit risks.

Privacy and Data Safety Protection Policy Revision

Diamond House Jewelry CO., LTD. website will revise this policy on an irregular basis according to the latest privacy protection regulation.

Privacy and Data Safety Protection Policy Enquiry

If you have any query regarding the privacy protection policy of Diamond House Jewelry CO., LTD., or personal data collection and applications, please call: 02-29648788 or send e-mail to diamondhousetw@gmail.com in order to contact us.